How do I roll the Ball?

Touch the ball and swipe up towards the Pins. The faster you swipe the faster the ball will roll.

How do I aim?

While you're swiping up, swipe towards the pin you want to hit.

Why does my ball keeps going in the gutter?

Let's Bowl 2 is a 3D game when you swipe up to bowl be sure to swipe towards the pins. If your ball is off to the side and you swipe straight up you'll end up in the gutter.

Can I move the ball before I roll?

Yes! Touch the ball and drag left or right. You can place the ball anywhere between the gutters.

Why does the Ball start in different locations?

To keep you on your toes! We wouldn't want players to get bored.

How do I adjust how fast my ball rolls?

The power of your roll is determined by how fast you swipe up. The faster your swipe the faster the ball rolls. If you swipe too fast you'll get a wild roll.

Why does the ball bounce sometimes?

If you roll too hard (swipe up too fast), you'll get a wild roll.

Can I add some Spin to the ball?

Yes! After you roll the ball, swipe left or right to add some spin to the direction.

What are Bowling Bucks?

Bowling bucks allow you to buy new Balls and Alleys. You earn Bowling Bucks while you play. You can earn them for knocking pins over, unlocking achievements, getting strikes, getting spares and getting turkeys.

What do the Stars on the Ball Description Mean?

Each ball has Bowling Buck bonuses. The more bonuses the higher the star rating. The higher the Star rating the better the ball and the more Bowling Bucks you earn with each game played.

What does 'Star Bonus' mean?

Star Bonuses that pop-up during play are part of the earning system. They are based on the star rating of your ball. The more stars, the more bowling bucks you earn!

What is Game Center? (iOS)

Game Center is an iOS feature that lets you keep track of Achievements and High scores for you, your friends and other players. If you enable Game Center in let's bowl, you can check your Leader Board status and Achievement progress in the Game Center App or by clicking one of the buttons on the Stats page.

What Devices will Let's Bowl work on?

Let's Bowl will work on iPhone 3GS or higher, all iPads and any Android device running Android 2.3.1 (Gingerbread) or higher.

What is Pass and Play?

Play with friends! A style of multiplayer that lets players take turns using one game system (your iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle device) taking turns bowling each frame.

How many players can play?

In pass and play mode, you can play up to 4 players.

Why was I playing on a cool new alley when my friend challenged me to a game, and now my alley has switched back to an older one?

Your friend has been busy winning bowling bucks and using them to buy new alleys. When your friend challenges you, you start out on the alley they start with. If you do not own this alley, you will be taken back to your default starting alley or you can buy bowling bucks in the Pro Shop or earn your way to new alleys. Hint. Points make bowling bucks, and balls with bonuses make even more bowling bucks quickly.

Can I play with friends remotely?

Yes! But only on iOS currently. Click MULTI on the main screen, then Turn by Turn, sign in to Game Center, click the Friend Request button in the bottom right. Once they accept your request you can come back and start your game together. Want to play a random person? Just hit 'Start' and get auto-matched.

How can I play a Turn by Turn game with only 2 people?

When you start your Turn by Turn game make sure to delete 2 of the 'Auto-match' players. Then 'Invite Friend' and they will fill the spot of the only remaining 'Auto-match' player.

Why do I get "Commerce Unavailable" when trying to make a purchase? (Android)

If you try to buy something and receive the message "Commerce Unavailable" there are two possible causes. Either your device is not running Google Play Store version 3 or later or you have not configured your account.

If you are running an older version of the store you'll need to update the Google Play Store on your device. If your store icon says "Market" it is too old. It should say "Play Store".

If you have "Play Store" you probably have not setup your Google account. To do this, go to your device's Settings and under Accounts select Add Account. Once this is setup, re-start Let's Bowl 2 and try again.

How do I exit?

Go to the main menu, click the gear icon, then click EXIT.

If I switch phones will I loose all my purchases?

The "Remove Ads" purchase will transfer between phones provided you setup the same user account on your new phone as that from which you purchased "Remove Ads".

We currently do not store all the Alley and Ball purchases in the cloud so if you intend on switching phones follow these steps:

  1. Update Let's Bowl 2 to the latest version on the old phone.
  2. Send a Support request from inside Let's Bowl 2 from the old phone stating you will be switching phones.
  3. On your new phone, install Let's Bowl 2 and send another Support request stating this is your new phone.

We can then provide an appropriate coupon so you can re-purchase your previous Alley's and Ball's.

You need to make sure to send the Support request from your old phone while Let's Bowl 2 is still installed.

Only the device user can make purchases

If you are in a Multiplayer game only the device user can make purchases. This is so your friends don't decide to spend all your hard earned bucks on balls and alleys.

If you see this message but are trying to play alone go back to the main menu and hit PLAY to start a single player game.

Then you should be able to unlock anything you have enough bowling bucks for.

How do I stop Control Center from sliding up when I swipe? (iOS)

Unfortunately Apple won't let us disable Control Center for individual applications. However, you can set Control Center to not show inside apps by doing the following:

Settings / Control Center / Access Within Apps (set to off)

How do I start a multiplayer game, especially with just one other person? (iOS)

To start a Muliplayer game:

  • Click "MultiPlayer"
  • Click "Turn by Turn"
  • Click Player Count button on bottom right of the "Game List" screen to select number of players
  • Click "> New Game"
  • Click "+" in top right
  • Click "Invite Friends"
  • Enter friend(s) or click (+) to select from list
This will send the invitation via iMessage.